导读:专升本英语作文怎么写?精彩范文和解析要收好学习专升本英语作文,精彩范文和点评是少不了的 今日小编为我们整理了一篇专升本英语的范文及解析以供参阅。  (加粗部分为教师修改和点评)  On Excessive Packa


  (加粗部分为教师修改和点评)      On Excessive Packaging      In the fast-moving society,there’s an increasingly serious social phenomenon of excessive package. Various products with exquisite packaging are displayed in malls,catering to some individuals who are keen on that goods. Such as clothes,cosmetics and so on.      Three factors weigh heavily for this problem. First of all,a number of consumers believe that the more elegant the package is,the higher the quality will be. And some persons would like to purchase these goods as gifts to satisfy their all kinds of consumption psychology.  In the next place,in order to obtain greater economic benefits(profits),some enterprises upgrade products packaging constantly. A third contributing factor is the inadequate laws and regulations. Providing enterprises lack of the corresponding integrity legal system(语句的结构,providing 后边最好充当成果状语,改为making enterprises lacking the ~),it (which)will lead to market disorder.      From where I stand, the whole society should pay close attention to the problem of excessive packaging. Above all,our government ought to perfect policies and regulations,and increase penalties for excessive packaging,making illegal enterprises pay higher costs. In addition,various news media should strengthen publicity and guidance,which advocates healthy and environmentally friendly consumption concept,guiding businesses to enhance their sense of social responsibility and awareness of integrity. Last but not least,our consumers are supposed to set up correct,rational and scientific consumption consciousness.      I,as a college student,am convinced that it is of great significance for youngest to insist on reasonable consumption consciousness. If every member is willing to contribute himself to the society,it will be better and better.      整篇文章从用词方面写得都不错, 第二段的第二点能够恰当再扩大下,持续尽力。




  专升本英语作文是许多同学都很困扰的一个点,不知道应该怎样写,不知道怎样写才干得高分,下面小编就来教咱们几招。首要运用倒装句,着重句,虚拟口气等,运用这些句式可使文章化平平为生动,加强口气,使评卷教师感受到作者的激烈情感。He did not know what had happened until he had read the news in the newspaper.It was not until he had read the news in the newspaper that he knew what had happened. (着重句)Not until he had read the news in the newspaper did he know what had happened. (倒装句)归纳运用以上句式,长短句结合,能够增强语句的连贯性和表现力。要写出好的文章,词句的堆集非常重要。恰当地运用一些常用的习气表达和典型句式既能有效地削减文章中的病句,又能给文章添彩。对课文中呈现的佳句,同学们能够进行摘抄。对于下面的几个语句,同学们能够先口头后书面操练:【例句】

  1、协助他学习数学, 对我来说也是一个显摆自己的时机。Here was a chance for me to distinguish myself by helping him learn maths.【例句】

  2、尽管做好了失利的预备,我仍然感到悲伤并决议捉住每一分钟愈加努力提高我的英语。Prepared for the failure, I still felt upset and decided to work even harder to seize every minute to improve my English.【例句】

  3、 被她的耐心所感动,我对自己的粗鲁行为感到为难并决议学做有耐心的人,这有助于我与同学、朋友和爸爸妈妈很好地共处。Moved by her patience, I felt embarrassed for my rude behavior and decided to learn to be a patient person, which helps me get along well with my classmates, my friends and my parents.【例句】④ 只有把竞赛和协作相联合,才干有助于咱们到达方针并满意自身需求。Only when competition combines with cooperation can it help in obtaining our goals and satisfying our needs.这样,一些好词、好的表达、好的句式,通过重复的言语实践后,现已“内化”成自己的东西,用时天然“驾轻就熟”。




  一、榜首段      先描绘所给图像、图标的象征意义或论述已给观念,然后直接点明中心思想;      咱们能够运用以下来表达自己的中心思想:      赞同:I agree that it would serve the interests of (给谁带来优点)all nations to establish a global university for the purpose of (为了)solving the world’s most persistent social problems(固执社会题). Nevertheless, such a university poses certain risks which(有什么危险) all participating nations must be careful to minimize(降到最小化)–or risk defeating the university’s purpose.(不能实现目标)      对立:I disagree insofar as the point that()(我不赞同),which may set into motion of a series of negative consequences.(会带来一系列负面影响)

  二、第二段      分点阐释中心思想,而且要举例证明,在举例过程中,咱们能够运用正反论证:

  1、Two examples that aptly illustrate this point(两个比如能够恰当地解说这个点) involve the fields of ( ),

  2、A telling example of (明显的比如)( )

  3、正例:One compelling argument in favor of a global university has to do with the fact that its faculty and students would bring diverse cultural and educational perspectives to the problems they seek to(尽力做什么)solve.

  4、反例:It might be tempting to(形似吸引人的是)think ( ). However, in my view(在我看来) any such concerns are unwarranted(这种忧虑是毫无根据的), especially considering the growing awareness of(对什么越来越了解)( )。

  三、第三段      提出相应的建议或办法,而且在文章最终再次着重中心思想。

    在文章最终再次着重自己的观念:Nevertheless ,the opposition voice may persist objecting the decision arguing that( ) However, in my view such concerns are groundless ,especially when considering the fact that ( )      不过一味不分场合地运用英语作文模板,便会给人一种套路的感觉,显得千人一面,没有新意。乃至句式套用过错还会扣分。

    那么,英语作文模板究竟可不能够用?      能够用。模板给咱们预先规定好写作的结构,能够协助咱们很快构思出每一段大致写什么内容。再者,经过背诵模板,能够有用弥补咱们的词汇和句式多样性的匮乏,从遣词造句上敏捷提高作文的水准。




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