专升本英语such as与for example同样都是举例子的意思,有什么差别?

专升本英语such as与for example同样都是举例子的意思,有什么差别?

导读:专升本英语:such as与for example同样都是举例子的意思,有什么差别? 遇到单选题,你知道那个空要填写“举例”,然后一看下面四个选项既有“such as”还有“for example”,这就难办了,两个中文意思都相同你应该选哪一个呢?想知道正确答案首先要

  遇到单选题,你知道那个空要填写“举例”,然后一看下面四个选项既有“such as”还有“for example”,这就难办了,两个中文意思都相同你应该选哪一个呢?想知道正确答案首先要了解他们两者的差异,   

  一、差异:    such as除表明举破例,还可表明比方此类,意思是“像……这样的”“比方……之类的”,此刻不宜与for       example交换(但可与表明比方此类意思的like交换)。如:    Opportunities such as (=like) this did not come every day. 这样的时机不是天天都有的。

  Avoid unhealthy foods such as (=like) hamburger and chips. 不要吃汉堡和薯条之类的不健康食物。

  别的,such as有时可分隔用,但for example不能分隔用。如:    The disease attacks such animals as cats and dogs. 这种病只侵袭像猫狗一类的动物。(比较:The     disease attacks animals such as cats and dogs.)   

  二、两者方位的不同点    such as用于举例时,总是跟在被阐明的内容之后,不能独立成句,也不能用于句首或句末,其后也不能用逗号,但for example能够。如:    Each situation is different. For example, a man with a rich wife doesn”t have to work. 情况各有不同,例如,娶了有钱妻子的男人就不用作业。

  You make too many mistakes—lots of spelling mistakes, for example. 你的过错太多——比方,有很多拼法过错。

  【练一练】用such as, for example, like填空:   

  1. There are many big cities in Europe, ________, London, Paris and Rome.   

  2. ________, we are to have less clothes, coal and food even than we have had and less petrol than we expected.   

  3、 I know many women who have a career and a family Alison ________.    答案:

  1. for example

  2. For example

  3、 for example

专升本英语such as与for example同样都是举例子的意思,有什么差别?



  一、 有”主张”的意思.advise, propose 也有此义,请比较它们用法的异同:    1) 都可接名词作宾语    She suggested / advised / proposed an early start. 她主张早一点动身.    We suggested / advised / proposed a visit to the museum the next day. 咱们主张明日去观赏博物馆.    2) 都可接动名词作宾语    I suggested / advised / proposed putting off the sports meet. 我主张将运动会延期.    They suggested / advised / proposed waiting until the proper time. 他们主张(咱们)比及恰当的机遇才举动.   

  3、) 都可接that 宾语从句,that从句用should+动词原形,should能够省掉.    She suggested / advised / proposed that the class meeting (should) not be held on Saturday. 她主张班会不要在星期六举办.    We suggested / advised / proposed that he (should) go and make an apology to his teacher. 咱们主张他去向教师抱歉.    4) advise 可接动词不定式复合宾语,propose 可接不定式作宾语.    I advised him to give up the foolish idea. = I suggested / proposed his / him giving up the foolish idea. 我主张他放弃那愚笨的想法.(suggest和propose在口语里可接动名词的复合宾语).    We proposed to start early. = We proposed starting early. 咱们主张早一点动身.(接不定式不必suggest和advise   

  二、 有”提出”的意思.如:    He suggested a different plan to his boss. 他向老板提出了一个不同的方案.    Xiao Wang suggested a way to solve the problem. 小王提出了一个处理这个问题的方法.   

  三、 有”暗示、标明”的意思.其主语往往是事物,而不是人.    1)接名词或动名词作宾语.    The simple house suggested a modest income. 这座俭朴的房子标明(房主的)收入并不高.    Her pale face suggested bad health. 她脸色苍白,看来身体欠好.    The thought of summer suggests swimming. 一想到夏天就使人们联想到游水.    2)接宾语从句,从句用陈说语气.如:    The decision suggested that he might bring his family. 这个决议标明他能够把家族带来.    The expression on his face suggested that he was very angry. 他脸上的表情标明他很气愤.   

  四、 在主语从句It is suggested that… 及名词suggestion 后边表明具体主张的表语从句、同位语从句都使用should+动词原形,should能够省掉.如:    It was suggested that we (should) give a performance at the party. 人们主张咱们在晚会上扮演节目.    His suggestion was that the debts (should) be paid off first. 他的主张是先把债款还清.    The doctors made a suggestion that the new hospital (should) not be set up on the hill. 医师们主张不要把新医院建在山上.



  三者均可表明“游览”,差异如下:1. travel 泛指一般含义的游览,是不可数名词,如:He is fond of travel (= travelling). 他喜爱游览。Travel is much cheaper than it used to be. 现在游览比过去廉价多了。注:有时可用复数方式,主要指时刻较长的遍地游览,此刻一般有物主代词润饰,可是尽管用了复数方式,却不能与 many 或数词连用。如:He”s gone off on his travels again. 他又外出游览了。别的,travel 一般仅仅泛指游览,而不特指某次详细的游览,所以一般不说:How was your travel?2. journey 一般指远距离的陆地游览,而且纷歧定要返回到出发地(即一般指单程)。如:I wish you a pleasant journey. 祝你一路顺风。He made a journey to Beijing. 他去北京游览了。注:journey 有时并不指真正含义的“游览”,而仅仅表明走过一段距离。如:How long is your journey to work? 你上班要走多远?

  3、 trip 一般指近距离的为了就事或消遣而进行游览,而且往往要回到起点(即指双程),不过有时 trip 也可指远距离的长途游览,可与 journey 换用,比 journey 更浅显。如:A:Where is John? 约翰在哪里?B:He”s on a trip to Shanghai. 他去上海游览了。He”ll make a round-the-world trip. 他将周游世界。


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