导读:2021年普通专升本:英语作文范文赏析,看下你的差距在哪里吧!一、专升本英语考试作文范文:求职 Directions:For this part, you are supposed to write a composition of about 100 -120 wordsbased on the following situation. Remember to write it clearly. 假定你是Matt Hand,在报上看到一

  一、专升本英语考试作文范文:求职  Directions:For this part, you are supposed to write a composition of about 100 -120 wordsbased on the following situation. Remember to write it clearly.  假定你是Matt Hand,在报上看到一则招聘广告,正契合你的情况,所以写信求职,广告关键:



  3、0岁之间;身体健康。留意:地址和招聘单位名称可自编。  Dear Sirs,  I read your advertisement in yesterday’S paper.I think I am the best person fit for the position.  I”m 2

  3、 years old.I graduated from Boston University two years ago.My major at university was computer engi—neering.After graduation l worked as a computer engineer in a big company for two years.Now I have enough expe-fience in this field.And I”m very interested in it.  I like sports and I am in good health.I like hard work.I’m sure I can do your iob well if I can become a member of your company.  I”m looking forward to your reply.  Very sincerely yours,  Matt Han

  二、专升本英语考试作文范文:城市交通  Directions:For this part, you are supposed to write a composition of about 100 -120 words based on the following situation. Remember to write it clearly.  S城的交通拥堵现象日趋严重,事端时有发生,特别是在早晚上、下班高峰期。市政府决议采纳办法改善交通现状,向广阔市民征集主张。请依据下面的关键向市政府提出主张。



  3、操控小轿车的产值。  要求:短文需求触及上述一切内容,能够恰当添加内容,阐述自己的其他主意。  As everybody knows that the traffic problems in ourcity become more and more serious. During the rush-hours every morning and afternoon, the roads are verycrowded. There are traffic jams almost on every mainroad. The accident rate becomes higher than before. Ithink that it is high time for the city government to takesome measures to solve this problem.  First of all, we should repair the roads, for some ofthe roads are in bad condition and it is difficult for thedrivers to go through. Secondly, we should build more overpasses so as to cut down traffic jams. Thirdly,the pro-duction of cars should be controlled, for there are toomany cars moving on the roads every day. As long as wedo something like this, the traffic problem will be solvedor at least the accident rate will be lowered. I do hope ourgovernment will accept my suggestions.



  一、为什么我喜欢读报纸     Why I like to Read Newspaper     The newspaper is one of the many mediums of carrying information to us. No wonder people often say: “ Even without stepping out of my house, I am well-informed of al that has been happening in the world.”     We get all kinds of news from newspapers. Newspapers can tell us about various events, past and future, domestic and foreign. Besides, they can teach us a lot of useful things. In fact, everyone can find something he wants from newspapers, and everyone enjoys reading them everyday.     Reading newspapers can widen our scope of knowledge. Not only they help us improve our reading ability but they can help us enhance our ideology. Because of all these benefits, I like reading newspapers.     My Opinion of Today’s Education     I think one of the main problems with today’s education is that too much emphasis is placed on test scores. It has become the most important criterion for college enrollment. A student, however creative and intelligent, will not be admitted into a college if his total scores are just one point less than required. It is also one of the crucial factors either in job assignment or in employment competitions.     The competition for high scores among students becomes intense. Students find themselves concentrating more on strategies to achieve high scores than on acquiring knowledge. They will play truant of some subsidiary course, skip over the substance which will not be tested on, even pump teachers for hints on upcoming exams. Teachers are apt to give their students high scores. As their job is judged mainly by the students’ performance in terms of scores, some teachers tend to set easy papers to test their students on or narrow down the scope of the exam. Some teachers even leak “accidentally” the exam questions or lower their criterion of scoring.     As a result, the competition for high scores becomes so intense that it actually defeats academic goals of education.     

  二、请求作业     Dear Sir,     As I am going to graduate from the university, I would like to apply for a position with your company. My training at Beijing University helped me develop such skills as a secretary with excellent shorthand and word processing: I would like to demonstrate how I can put them to work for your company.     Here I enclose a resume which describes my education and work experience. You will note that I got good grades, and I placed second in our city in the Secretarial Shorthand Competition last November.     If you think I can meet the requirement for work in your company, I would like to interview with you soon., May I call you on Next Monday to make an appointment.     Yours sincerely     LiYing




  一、动词:  1. 进步,加强:improve = enhance= promote = strengthen = optimize  2. 引起:cause = trigger = endanger

  3、 处理:solve =resolve =address = tackle =cope with = deal with  4. 撤除:destroy = tear down = knock down = eradicate  5. 培育: develop = cultivate = foster = nurture  6. 激起,鼓舞:encourage = motivate = stimulate = spur  7. 以为: think = assert= hold = claim = argue  8. 完成:complete = fulfill = accomplish= achieve  9. 保存:keep = preserve = retain = hold  10. 有害于:destroy = impair = undermine = jeopardize  11. 减轻: ease = alleviate = relieve = lighten

  二、 形容词:  1. 赤贫的:poor = needy = impoverished = poverty-stricken  2. 殷实的:rich = wealthy = affluent = well-to-do = well-off

  3、 优异的:excellent = eminent = top = outstanding  4. 活跃的,好的:good = conducive = beneficial=advantageous  5. 消沉的,不良的:bad = detrimental= baneful =undesirable  6. 显着的:obvious = apparent = evident =manifest  7. 健康的: healthy = robust = sound = wholesome  8. 惊人的:surprising = amazing = extraordinary = miraculous  9. 美丽的:beautiful = attractive = gorgeous = eye-catching  10. 有生机的:energetic = dynamic = vigorous =animated  11. 盛行的: popular = prevailing = prevalent= pervasive

  三、 名词:  1. 影响:influence= impact  2. 风险:danger = perils =hazard

  3、 污染:pollution = contamination4. 人类:human beings= mankind = human race  5. 老人: old people= the old = the elderly = the aged = senior citizens  6. 美好:happiness = cheerfulness = well-being  7. 教师:teachers = instructors = educators = lecturers  8. 教育:education = schooling = family parenting = upbringing  9. 青少年:young people = youngsters = youths = adolescents  10. 长处:advantage = merits = superiority = virtue  11. 责任: responsibility = obligation = duty = liability  12. 才能: ability = capacity = power = skill  1

  3、 工作: job = career = employment = profession  14. 文娱: enjoyment = pastimes = recreation= entertainment  15. 孩子: children = offspring = descendant= kid

  四、 短语:  1. 充满了:be filled with = be awash with = be inundate with = be saturated with  2. 尽力:struggle for = aspire after = strive for = spare no efforts for

  3、 从事: embark on = take up = set about = go in for  4. 在今世: in contemporary society = in present-day society= in this day and age  5. 大量的: a host of = a multitude of = a vast number of = a vast amount of

  五、凭借模板,了解结构性内容  模板能够用上课时教师给定的,也能够在讲堂内容的根底上结合范文概括总结。模板并不是机械的死记硬背,其运用意图有三点:




  六、堆集好词好句  在第一步的温习完成后,你关于自己的写作思路已经大致明晰了。现在的问题在于堆集的写作资料还不够多,这时主张在阅览中学习写作。能够阅览写作范文、外国报刊甚至阅览真题,寻觅那些能够用到模板中,适用范围比较广的语句。  在这一阶段的温习过程中,能够选用翻译的办法操练–即看完一个语句,了解它的中文意思后马上把英文遮挡起来,尝试着依据中文自己翻译出一个语句。运用这种办法,自己写作过程中的缺乏就会马上露出出来,起到事半功倍的效果。

  七、在实践中重复了解前六步  英语作文高分四点要求:  1.言语精确。作文中不能有过多语法词汇过错,初级过错是丧命的,直接影响分数的层次。  2.词句要多样。句式不能太单一,要灵活运用不同句式。词汇不能太初级,适当精确运用超越考试纲要的那些词汇,有助于进步形象分。






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