导读:2021年普通专升本:专升本英语专项练习及答案前面小编已经跟我们讲了许多关于怎样进步完型填空正确率的办法,现在同学们最短少的便是实践的检验 接下来小编将会给我们带来一系列的关于完型填空的操练模拟题,我们快快来学

  前面小编已经跟我们讲了许多关于怎样进步完型填空正确率的办法,现在同学们最短少的便是实践的检验,接下来小编将会给我们带来一系列的关于完型填空的操练模拟题,我们快快来学以致用吧!  Friendship is unconditional and uncritical, based only on mutual respect and the ability to enjoy each other”s company. These authority figures never saw the way one of us could do something outrageous, and the rest of us would joke about it for days. We could have fun doing absolutely nothing at all―because the

  (1)_______ we provided each other with was enough. Rather than discussing operas, Lewinsky, or the weather, we enjoyed just

  (2)_______ each other without any one of us trying to outsmart the others. Still, I realize that these adults had a

  3、_______ to be concerned about the direction my friends were

  (4)_______; I also was concerned for them, but I wasn”t about to

  (5)_______ them.  Many times I would advise my friends that some activity may be

  (6)_______ or to think things through before doing something, but I would never claim to hold the moral high ground and to condescend to them. When Marvin would begin rolling joints, when Alisa would tell me she skipped school because of a hangover, or when Merriam would tell me that her new boyfriend was in a street gang, I expressed my discomfort with their

  (7)_______. However, I never

  (8)_______ them with the threat of taking my friendship away. Contrary to the commercials on television, you can have

  (9)______ who use drugs. In fact, probably everyone does without

  (10)______ it.  1. A. gift B. present C. company D. friendship  2. A. hanging around B. learning from C. communicating with D. joining in

  3、 A. prejudice B. point C. suggestion D. situation  4. A. giving B. coming C. heading D. facing  5. A. ignore B. upset C. blame D. leave  6. A. crazy B. dangerous C. boring D. important  7. A. action B. lessons C. words D. thoughts  8. A. force B. threaten C. persuade D. cheat  9. A. friends B. girlfriends C. classmates D. brothers  10. A. hearing B. recognizing C. realizing D. knowing  【解题导语】  本文是议论文,首要讲述了友谊的相关内容,友谊是无条件的,不带成见的,互相彼此尊尊重,并且喜爱和对方在一起,这便是友谊。



  将状语从句语法知识进行了整理,以方便同学们的温习,状语从句分类许多,期望同学们好好学习。  地址状语从句  引导地址状语从句的连词有:where (在……当地),wherever (不管哪里),everywhere (处处),anywhere (任何当地)等。  如:Where there is a will,there is a way. 有志者事竟成。  You can go wherever you like these days.这些天你能够去你想去的当地。  原因状语从句

  (1)because表明人们不知道的直接的原因或理由,侧重点在从句,即because引出的从句为全句句意的中心地点。一般用于答复why提出的疑问,口气最强,除了特别强调外,该从句一般坐落主句后边。  since表明对方已知的、无须加以阐明的既成事实的理由。全句的中心在主句上,口气比because弱,译为“已然”。引出的状语从句一般放在句首。  as表明非常显着的原因,一般阐明因果关系,侧重点在主句,口气更弱,常译为“由于”。引出的状语从句一般放在句首。  for 引出的分句,口气最弱,主要是弥补阐明原因,解说别的一个分句,且只能放在语句后部。  如:I didn”t go abroad with her because I couldn”t afford it.我没有和她一同出国是由于费用太高。  Since traveling by air is much faster,they decided to take a plane.已然乘飞机旅行快得多,他们就决定坐飞机。  As it is snowing,we shall not climb the mountain.由于在下雪,咱们就不爬山了。  It must have rained last night,for the ground is wet.昨夜准下雨了,地上是湿的。

  (2)now that, seeing that, considering that, in that表明鉴于,由于。in that只能放在主句之后。  如:Now that you have passed your test,you can drive on your own.你驾驭考试已然已经合格,就能够单独开车了。  Seeing that the weather is bad,we”ll stay at home.由于气候欠好,咱们要呆在家了。  I am in a slightly awkward position,in that he”s not arriving until 10th.我的境况有点尴尬,由于他要十号才来。  条件状语从句

  (1)if (假设),unless(除非);unless相当于if not.  如:I will buy a computer if I am able to save up enough money. 假设我能存下满足的钱,我就买台电脑。  Unless the weather was bad,my father always used to take a walk in the evening.除非气候欠好,我的父亲晚上总是去漫步。

  (2)suppose/supposing that,provided/providing that(假设)  如:Supposing that it rains,can we play the match indoors?要是下雨,咱们在室内竞赛行吗?  I will agree to go provided that my expenses are paid.假设为我担负费用,我就赞同去。  退让状语从句  although,though引导退让状语从句,主句不能用 “but”。  如:Although they lack official support,they continue their struggle.他们尽管没有得到官方的支撑,但仍然持续斗争。  as尽管,尽管。引导退让状语,常放在作表语、状语的形容词、名词、副词后边。  如:Strong as you may be,you can not lift it. 尽管你或许很有力气,你却无法把他提起来。  Hard as he tried,he was unable to make much progress.他尽管竭尽全力,可是没有获得多大的前进。  意图状语从句  so that, in order that 。 引导意图状语从句,从句的谓语常用can,could,may,might,shall,should,will, would等神态动词。in order that能够坐落主句的前面或后边。so that引导的从句只能放在主句之后。  如:They started early so that they might arrive in time.他们早点动身,以便准时抵达。  In order that they could go around West Lake,they stopped at Hangzhou.为了旅游西湖,他们在杭州停了下来。  成果状语从句

  (1)so …that;such…that表明“如此……以至于”  so 后边一般接形容词或副词。such后边一般为名词。假设名词前有many,much等润饰,要用so…that…  such+a/an+adj+奇数名词+that能够换成so+adj.+a/an+奇数名词+that  如:There is so little time left that I have to tell you about it later.现在剩余的时刻不多了,我只只好今后再给你讲这事。  He told us such a funny story that we all laughed.  He told us so funny a story that we all laughed.

  (2)so that“以至于,所以”。引导的成果状语从句之前能够有逗号。  如:She phoned me on arrival so that I knew she was safe and sound.她抵达之后给我打了电话,我知道她安全无恙。  注:so that能够引导成果状语从句也能够引导意图状语从句,除了依据句意来判别外,还能够依据结构方法来判别。若从句前有逗号,一般为成果状语从句。假设从句中有神态动 词,一般则为意图状语从句。  如:They started out early,so that they did not miss the train.他们早早动身了,所以没有误了火车。(成果状语)  They started out early so that they would not miss the train.他们早早动身是为了不误火车。(意图状语)  方法状语从句

  (1)as(正如)引导方法状语从句  如:She enjoys all kinds of music,as I do.她各种音乐都喜欢,和我相同。  Why didn”t you catch the last bus as I told you to?你怎样不听我的话赶乘末班公共汽车呢?  注:口语中like能够用作连词,当作as 运用。  如:Nobody understands him like /as I do. 没有人能像我这样了解他。

  (2)as if/though(如同)引导方法状语从句往往用虚拟,表明与事实相反。  如:They looked at me as if /as though I were mad.他们看着我如同我发疯了似的。  以上便是状语从句各个分类的语法归纳,同学们能够空出部分时刻看看背背,然后做一些状语从句的专项操练,稳固所学语法知识,信任我们很快就能把握。小编也预祝我们在2018年广东专升本考试中考出好成果!




  一、the+-est+名词+(that)+主词+have ever+seen(known/heard/had/read,etc);the most+形容词+名词+(that)+主词+have ever+seen(known/heard/had/read,etc)  例句:Helen is the most beautiful girl that I have ever seen.  海伦是我所看过最美丽的女孩,  Mr. Chang is the kindest teacher that I have ever had.  张老师是我曾经遇到最仁慈的教师。

  二、Nothing is+-er than to+V Nothing is+more+形容词+than to+V  例句:Nothing is more important than to receive education.  没有比接受教育更重要的事。

  三、-cannot emphasize the importance of – too much.(再怎样着重……的重要性也不为过。)  例句:We cannot emphasize the importance of protecting our eyes too much.  咱们再怎样着重维护眼睛的重要性也不为过。

  四、There is no denying that+S+V……(不可否认的……)  例句:There is no denying that the qualities of our living have gone from bad to worse.不可否认的,咱们的生活品质现已每况愈下。

  五、It is universally acknowledged that+语句(全世界都知道……)  例句:It is universally acknowledged that trees are indispensable to us.  全世界都知道树木对咱们是不可或缺的。

  六、There is no doubt that+语句(毫无疑问的……)  例句:There is no doubt that our educational system leaves something to be desired.  毫无疑问的咱们的教育制度令人不满意。

  七、An advantage of -is that+语句(……的长处是……)  例句:An advantage of using the solar energy is that it won”t create(produce)any pollution.  运用太阳能的长处是它不会制作任何污染。

  八、The reason why+语句-is that+语句(……的原因是……)  例句: The reason why we have to grow trees is that they can provide us with fresh air. The reason why we have to grow trees is that they can supply fresh air for us.  咱们必须种树的原因是它们能供给咱们新鲜的空气。

  九、So+形容词+be+主词+that+语句(如此……以致于……)  例句:So precious is time that we can”t afford to waste it.  时刻是如此宝贵,咱们经不起糟蹋它。

  十、Adj+as+Subject(主词)+be,S+V-(尽管……)  例句:Rich as our country is,the qualities of our living are by no means satisfactory.(by no means=in no way=on no account一点也不)  尽管咱们的国家赋有,咱们的生活品质绝对令人不满意。





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