导读:2021年普通专升本:英语翻译模拟真题,熟悉翻译期望我们都能认真对待广东专升本英语的考试,小编也预祝我们都能在2018年广东专升本英语考试中获得好成绩,顺利的考进自己满意的二本院校! 81.There is still much to be discovered about

  期望我们都能认真对待广东专升本英语的考试,小编也预祝我们都能在2018年广东专升本英语考试中获得好成绩,顺利的考进自己满意的二本院校!  81.There is still much to be discovered about this vast blanket of water.  82.Some scientists are studying ways of bringing the ocean’s huge supply of water to the desert of the world.  8

  3、A little instrument that had been invented measured the time it took for the sound to reach the ship  84.Where rivers flow into the sea, the flat area may extend for hundreds of miles.  85.It is hard to believe that this great underwater chain of mountains encircling the earth was discovered only a few years ago  86.他有一些关于那些干重膂力作业的人的好观点要讲,  87.我的许多搭档会诉苦作业太重,可是当无事可做的时分,他们诉苦的更多。  88.尽管酬劳很重要,可是给予最大的满意是了解到有人现已注意到怎样完结一项作业。  89.现在他以为,每个年轻人在上大学前应该在实践作业中训练至少半年。  90.一些体育明星比除总统之外的任何国家领导人更广为人知。  参考答案:  81.这一宽广的水域仍有许许多有待于发现。  82.一些科学家正在研讨如何将海洋中很多的水资源输送到沙漠中区域。  8

  3、人们发明晰一种小设备,它能测出声响传播到船的时刻。  84.海流入海处,平整的地域能够延伸数百英里。  85.很难信任盘绕地球的水下绵绵的山脉竟是在几年前才发现。  86. He had some good things to say about people who do hard physical work.  87. A lot of my co-workers would complain when the work was too heavy,but they’d complain a lot more when there was nothing to do.  88. Even though pay was important, what brought the greatest satisfaction was knowing that someone had noticed how a job was being done.  89. He now believes that every young person should be required to spend at least half a year in the world of work before starting university studies.  90. Some sports stars have become more widely recognized than any national leader other than the president.



  现已为咱们共享了几套英语的翻译模拟题,信任做完了这些题,咱们对英语翻译的技巧又有了更进一步的把握,下面期望咱们把最终一套的翻译练习题,作为检测题,好好的查验一下自己的复习备考的作用,小编也预祝咱们都能获得一个好成绩,协助顺畅的完成自己的本科愿望!  81.Apart from writing compositions on a weekly basis, our English teacher assigned us eight books to read during the summer vacation.  82.The Canadian girl is good at seizing every opportunity to speak Chinese. That’s why she has gained a good command of spoken Chinese in less than three years.  8

  3、Educators think that the generation growing up with television spend so much of their time in front of the TV that they do not have enough time to study.  84.He was busy writing the story all the morning, only breaking off occasionally to have a cup of tea.  85.The author thinks that if excellent workers get frequent pay increases and promotions, they will have greater incentive to produce.  86. 承受这份作业就得常常在周末上班,但约翰并不在意,  87. 众所周知,肺癌至少部分地是因为吸烟过多而引起的。  88.她因那病开过两次刀,身体非常衰弱,简直站不起来。  89. 我很想买这本英文词典,惋惜的是我身上带的钱不行。  90.我很走运,在我年青的时候就学会了许多不同的技术。  参考答案:  81.除了每周写作文外,咱们的英语老师还给咱们安置了八本书在暑假里阅览。  82.那个加拿大女孩长于捉住每个机会讲汉语。这便是她为什么三年不到就熟练地把握了汉语白话的原因。  8

  3、教育家们以为,伴随着电视机长大的一代人,在电视机前花的时刻太多,致使 没有满足的时刻学习了。  84.整个上午他都在忙于写那篇故事,仅仅偶然停下来喝杯茶。  85.作者以为,假如优异工人常常得到加薪和选拔,他们就会有更大的生产积极性。  86.To take this job would involve working on weekends frequently, but John didn”t mind.  87.It is well known that lung cancer is caused at least in part by smoking too much.  88.Having been operated on twice for the disease, she was so weakened that she could barely stand up.  89.I”d like very much to buy the English dictionary. Unfortunately, I haven”t got enough money on me.  90.I am lucky to have acquired a wide range of skills when I was young.




  一、同义反译法  例如:  1. Only three customers remained in the bar.  酒吧间只要三个顾客还没有走。(不译:“还藏着”或“还呆在那里”)  2. I”ll be here for good this time.  这一次我再也不走了。(不译:“永久在此呆下去”)

  3、 Please keep the fire burning when I”m out.  我不在家的时分,别让炉子灭了。(不译:“我外出时,请让炉子持续烧着”)  4. “Wait, he is serious.”  等等,他不是说着玩儿的。(不译:“等等,他是仔细的。”)  5. “Now, Clara, be firm with the boy!”  听我说,克拉拉,对这孩子可不能心软。(不译:”……对这孩子要坚决“)

  二、删减解说词  例如:  The traveller in the south must often have remarked that peculiar air of refinement, that softness of voice and manner, which seems in many cases to be a particular gift to the quotation and mulatto women.  到南边去的人看见那些黑白混血的女郎,必定会注意到她们十之八九都有那种共同的优雅风度、那种温柔的声响和文静的举动。

  三、 短句拆译  例如:  ” …on one sunshiny morning in June , …”  在六月里的一天早上,天气晴朗……






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